Toyota introduced the Techstream diagnostic software to help the users diagnose Toyota’s post 2006-model vehicles.  This enabled technicians around the world to diagnose vehicles and render factory level support through an inexpensive process. The six feet long Toyota TIS diagnostic cable is the medium used to connect the computer with the software program embedded in the vehicle. One end of the cable is equipped with a 16 pins connector and the other end comes with a USB 2.0 connector. You can connect the 16 pins connector to the vehicle and the USB connection to the computer. Techstream diagnostic software works on Windows 7.

The cable features the powerful ARM processor and is compatible with the Toyota TIS diagnostic software including the Techstream Lite and other advanced versions.  The car is required to be armed with tools such as OBD2 or DLC3 programs to make use of the diagnostic software.

The user manual comes along with the product in a CD separately. The CD also contains the breakdowns of all codes and abbreviation that shows up on the screen while running the diagnostics using this particular tool.

This cable helps you to diagnose the problems instantly no matter where you are, at home, at work or stopped by the road. Urgent indicators are signaled with higher priorities, when something has seriously gone wrong. Cheapness too is a facto although if the consumer does not have sufficient knowledge, it is better to leave the repair jobs to the experts. Problems can be easily identified, provided the code breaker is installed properly. Further, the diagnostic software provides summary of each test conducted on the vehicle. The diagnosis in most cases proves to be accurate. Hence, simply connect the 16-pin input to the OBD2 jack near the driver seat of the car and hook the other end to your laptop to start troubleshooting your car. While running the program, it identifies the car’s model, year of manufacture and engine number. It performs functions such as calculating the airflow rate, Engine RPM Calculator, Coolant Temperature, Short and long Term Fuel Trim, Fuel System Status, Vehicle Speed, Load Value, Intake Air Temperature, Intake Manifold pressure, Absolute Throttle Position, Timing Advance, Oxygen sensor voltages and much more.

Active tests such as Fuel Pump Relay, A/F control, A/C magnetic clutch etc can be tested with Toyota TIS diagnostic cable and its respective software. You can print out the test results for further reference. Vehicle sensor data can be viewed either through graphical presentation or in raw data format. Techstream diagnostic software is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French languages. Listed price would be over hundred dollars but most internet sites offer better discounts for this product. Check OBD2 compliance of the vehicle before confirming purchase your purchase.