‘TWINB C4+GT1 Fit all computer’ is a device that functions similar to the Benz C4 as well as BMW GT1. This device performs all those functions that are performed by BMW GT1 and Benz C4. This particular device is expected to be the topic of discussion all through the forthcoming years. The TwinB GT1 Pro and MB Star C4 are both included in this device. These are essentially very small in appearance and yet it possesses all the functions of a GT1. This particular device includes a hard disk that contains three software, each specifically designed to carry out specific tasks. SSS, DIS and DAS are the three programs embedded on this device.  


Technicalities of the product

The software version that has been put to use in this particular device is DIS V57 and SSS V39 and they are the latest ones in the market. The TwinB star C4 supports different types of computers. They can be attached to any normal screen and as well as a touch screen computing device to obtain outputs. The recorded voltage rate that is needed for the proper functioning of this device is 12V/24V. The power cable that comes with this device can be used to supply power to the computer as well.



Need for a check on voltage levels

One of the features of this device that is a definite eye catcher is its ability to automatically shut down its operations during excess power inflow and restarts. If the power units exceed the minimum required level, the device automatically turns off its operations and restarts itself to get ready for the instructions. This means that, anytime when the testing is in progress, if the voltage ratio rises, the device will initiate the restarting process. Thereby, the voltage level comes under control. This feature is referred as ‘self protection feature’.

Due to its small size, this device is very convenient to carry around. One can make effective use of TWINB C4+GT1 Fit all computers even on roads. Considering how useful this device is, one can say that it is rationally priced. Several people across the globe have tried using this device and most of them are satisfied with the performance and features of the device. This device comes in with a set of cables and other requisites that assist in the proper functioning of this device.  So, hurry up, get a ‘TWINB C4+GT1 Fit all computers’ be your own car mechanic.