King Scanner G3 for Toyota Tis and Honda Him is a diagnostic scanner that is used for examining as well as determining the defects that are associated with the Toyota as well as Honda vehicles. This device essentially performs all the functions that are performed by Toyota Tis and Honda Him. Some of the functions that are performed by this diagnostic scanner include programming the vehicle, diagnosing the tool used for scanning etc.  This diagnostic scanner is offered to the public at a highly subsidized rate. It is accompanied by unlimited technical service which is provided by the suppliers of the product.


Important functions

One basic function which is performed by this diagnostic scanner is that it very efficiently re-programs all the Honda as well as Toyota vehicles. The software version that is being made use of by the scanner for Honda and Toyota are Ver 2.013.019 and Ver 4.21.002 / 5.00.028 respectively. King Scanner G3 for Toyota Tis and Honda Him is an extremely professional tool used for the purpose of diagnosing wagons universally. This scanner is also compatible with cars manufactured by other companies like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and KIA. The basic functions that are performed by all the diagnostic scanners are the same. Therefore this particular diagnostic scanner also performs functions such as reading error codes, erasing error codes, data streaming, locating as well as testing the components etc.


The present users of the product are very much pleased with the speed, efficiency as well as the accuracy of this diagnostic scanner in performing the task. The results that are generated by these have proven to be highly reliable. The users could very easily detect the problems that were associated with their wagons.


The King scanner can be very easily connected to a PC with the assistance of the cables that come along with this scanner. A Pentium 3 processor having capacity of 1GHz or higher is preferred. The ideal free memory that is needed for the installation as well as the proper functioning of the device is around 256 MB or higher. In addition there is also a need for a hard disk space of 40G or higher. The display resolution that is considered as ideal for viewing the results is 800*600.  Windows XP or Windows 7 is considered as the Operating System which is ideal for the device to function well. The best part of the deal is that this device comes in a storage case which makes this device a very handy one.