BMW GT1 DIS V57 SSS V39 Compatible Fit IBM T30 is essentially a special purpose tool which is used to diagnose vehicles that are manufactured under the brand name of BMW. This is a diagnosing tool that has been manufactured exclusively for checking the functioning of the wagons of BMW. There are no specifications as to what make the wagon should be, the only deal is that the wagon must belong to the BMW family. In addition to it being a diagnosing tool, this device is also used in programming. There is no difference in the product that is delivered to the franchise dealers of BMW. As a matter of fact, the very same product is offered for sale in the consumer markets as well.

Software specifications

This device is supported by the Pentium processor. It can also be operated by using Windows. The GT1 has the capacity to cover the varieties of wagons that are manufactured by BMW, year after year. One function which can be done with the use of GT1 and which is worth mentioning is the ECU configuration as well as programming. The ECU expands to Electronic Control Unit. The main advantage of this is that many of the electronic systems could now be reprogrammed with the help of this software. This was something which was out of the question previously.


It allows the users to re-program all the ECU’s that are associated with the BMW cars, thereby fixing the software and also installing a blank ECU into the vehicles that have been repaired. BMW GT1 is the only system that allows the users to perform this task. In addition, it is the one and only system that enables the users to diagnose the current latest model of vehicles.