Nissan is amongst the oldest companies in the world of automobiles having been in the business since the early 1900s.  The enterprising Japanese experimented and innovated to build a lasting legacy that has managed to stand the test of time. Today’s times, where competition is cutthroat and each company is trying to outdo each other with digitization and customer satisfaction, Nissan isn’t far behind.


With companies offering handheld diagnostic devices that saves time and money on maintenance, Nissan has brought out its own series of diagnostic tools under the name ‘Consult’. The latest in the series, Consult 4 is designed specifically for the sophisticated Nissan and Infiniti vehicles from 1996 onwards and also for the newest of Renault vehicles. The device enables accurate display of diagnosis within a short time. The port for the consult is located next to the hood release handle of your vehicle. The tool performs power balance testing, control idle valves, quick troubleshooting of electronic components. It even resets the self-learn codes adjusts timers, check and clear engine fault code apart from diagnosing the vehicle on site.

The device requires a laptop operating on Microsoft Windows [Windows XP (SP2/3)] to communicate with the vehicle. This latest device uses a new hardware platform to allow advanced diagnoses. You need to install a diagnostic application shipped with the product on your Laptop to communicate with the device and in turn with your vehicle.


The new Consult 4 scores over its predecessor on efficiency and repair accuracy. Moreover, the device comes with a bigger screen that allows it display more information at one shot. It has enhanced diagnostic features that suits the industrial standard of CAN network system.


The tool facilitates faster diagnosis than its predecessor which was already seventeen times faster than the Consult 2. The tool also executes self diagnosis and at the same time, monitors the system based on recorded data and other readings.

The unit also supports GTR car diagnostics, programming and immobilizer programming of Nissan GTR vehicles, but this requires the customer to possess a GTR card.


The kit comes with a 16 pin OBD cable and a 14 pin communication line to the laptop. The device can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth or via USB cable that comes along with it. All of these are packed neatly into a suitcase that can be carried around easily. The package includes the Nissan Consult 4 Main Unit, Bluetooth adapter and a CD for the installation of the software.