The Motorcycle Electronic Diagnostic TOOL is used in garages to determine faults in motorcycles. It is a service tool and mainly used in reputed motorcycle service centers. It is used to diagnose faults in bikes manufactured by Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, etc. It is a typical scanning tool used to scrutinize the errors in electronic control system of motorcycles. This tool supports the main communication protocol such as ISO14230, J1979, ISO15765, KWP2000, J1939, IS09141-2, etc.


The Motorcycle Electronic Diagnostic helps in reading and deleting the faulty codes in the motorcycles. It reads the historical fault codes, current fault codes, dynamic data stream and displays a detailed report on the screen to let the user determine the health condition of the motorbike. Depending upon the generated report, user can perform quick troubleshooting processes to avoid crucial faults. This device even carries out component tests and idling adjustments to keep the motorbikes in perfect working condition. You can also update the fault diagnostic scanner through the internet.


The scanner adjusts with different brands and follows company standards while performing tests on bikes of different brands. It also has the ability to view live data and work with ignition, injection, ABS, dashboard, immobilizer and other systems with the help of an electronic fuel injection tool. With the support of the tool, the technician can carry out factory service procedures like re-setting service lights, organizing the immobilizer or alarm, unlocking the immobilizer, encoding keys, making injection amendments, adjusting the TPS (Throttle valve position sensor), making idle adjustments and re-setting auto adaptive parameters.


The mainframe I/O consists of standard serial or parallel ports. The Motorcycle Electronic Diagnostic TOOL requires a DC supply of 12 volts. Its mainframe power is about 9W.  The device includes a large LCD screen display with touch screen and backlight facility. The ambient temperature of the tool ranges from 0- 500C and generates a relative humidity of less than 90%. The Motorcycle Electronic Diagnostic tool is a kit that includes the mainframe, USB Test Line, Power Line, Battery Clip, Test Main Line, Test Connector, User Manual and UNIVERSAL-3 02-40012. Additional cables can be used for advanced diagnostic capabilities. The tool is easy to set-up and hence can be used by both novice and expert users. It is a cost-effective scanning tool and also a powerful device that can be used for different brands of motorcycles. Motorcycle Electronic Diagnostic tool is an ideal tool used to detect even minor faults right from the fuel injection to cam sensors and ignition signals.