MOTO-BMW Motorcycle diagnostic scanner is a vehicle scanner that is essentially used to monitor the functioning of the bikes that come into the markets under the brand name, BMW. They are used to identify the faults with the vehicle’s control system that is totally electronic. This is in fact another way of showing the customers that they indeed are important for the BMW Company. The best part of the deal is that, the reading recorded by this diagnostic scanner can be easily viewed with the help of a laptop or a PC; or even better, a cell phone.

The riders can now conduct tests on their bikes whenever necessary and thereby safety of their ride is ensured at all times. This product has been used in high numbers by many riders across the globe and it has left them fully satisfied. The price of this smartly engineered device fits the pockets of an average Joe. It detects all kinds of faults, be it a short circuit in the ignition coils or a complicated issue that is troubling the engine.

The technical side:

An ideal display screen measures 220 mm*150 mm*104 mm. It is essentially a large LCD touch screen with backlights. At an average, this diagnostic scanner is used exclusively for the motorbikes that are manufactured by the BMW Company weighs almost 5kgs. It covers the bikes that fall in the series C, F, G, H, K and R. The key areas that are tested with this smart device are engine, anti-break locking system as well as the body of the motorcycle.  While operating this device, the users must ensure that the surrounding temperature is between 00C and 500C. The relative humidity that has to be maintained is less than 90%.

The wires that come as a part of this device will come in handy at the time of testing. The users are advised to opt for a less populated area for testing. This is in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

MOTO-BMW Motorcycle diagnostic scanner is an effective tool that reads the fault codes generated by BMW bikes. It streams data and analyzes the codes to tell the user what exactly has gone wrong. Therefore, users can troubleshoot their bikes at own and save the repair cost up to a large extent. The software that helps the device to function can be upgraded via Internet to avail enhanced features. 

Here is a demonstration as to how the product actually works.