The MINI VCI for TOYOTA TIS Techstream is a plug-in that supports the diagnostic software of Toyota TIS OEM. This CE and FCC certified product is compatible with all the communication protocols used by the vehicles manufactured by Toyota since 1996. The supported protocols include K-Line CAN ISO 15765-4/ CAN 2.0B ISO 11898/ SAE J1850 VPW/ SAE J1850 PWM/ KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4/ ISO 9141.The former versions of the product available in the market can be upgraded by updating the firmware through the internet to increase the efficiency.



 MINI VCI for TOYOTA TIS comes with a commonly used J1962 connector as well as a 22 pin connector. The device is cost effective when compared to its counterparts. The product is said to withstand the temperatures of about -20 to 70 c but the ideal temperature to store this device is about -40 to 85 c. It is compatible with USB interface 2.0. The device requires a DC power ranging between 5v-36v. The power consumption of the product is about 0.3 w. The dimension TOYOTA TIS Techstream is predefined as 76 mm (2.99) x 43 mm (1.69) W x 19 mm (0.75) H. The product has a net weight and gross weight of about 62 g and 103 g respectively. The package of the product comes with a user manual and driver CDs. Just make it a point to deactivate the antivirus in your pc while installing the diagnostic application from the CD. Technical support for this product is also available via online portals.  The product classified under diagnostic tool comes with a warranty of about one year. The users of the product should make sure that these are purchased from a reliable source, since so many fake applications labeled under TOYOTA TIS Techstream is available in the market. One should also check out the quality of the products so as to eliminate the chances of fraud. The product is compatible with almost all type of PC’s.


The product with its origin in china has export markets in North America, South America, eastern Asia, Western Europe as well as Middle East. Different companies in the present day market deals with the manufacturing and marketing of such products. Such a product can also be purchased via online shopping websites. This MINI VCI for TOYOTA TIS Techstream ensures a better connectivity and enables an efficient means for monitoring your vehicle. As the name says, this device is specially designed for Toyota vehicles and should only be used to diagnose Toyota vehicles.