The Mercedes Benz Star C4 is brand new professional diagnostic equipment made for after 2000 model Mercedes Benz cars. This device looks very different in shape when compared to the Compact3 and light in weight and small in size than the Mercedes Benz Star C3. The Compact4 2008 version works similar to the Compact3 and it is an alternative for Compact3-Star. The Mercedes Benz Star C4 is compatible and can be connected to any type of computers.

Working of Mercedes Benz Star Compact4


The Mercedes Benz Star C4 is designed to work on Microsoft Windows XP operating system. It consists of features such as Workshops Information System (WIS System), Automatic Diagnose system (DAS System) and the Movement Management System. The Compact4 star can even be operated from the modern portable computer (Compact3) through both RS232 and 485 mediums. Mercedes Benz Star C4 comes with Cables and programs to let you synch the device with portable computers. Several models of cars, buses, trucks that belong to the Mercedes Benz can be diagnosed with the help of Mercedes Benz Star Compact4. The latest version of Mercedes Benz Star Compact4 was released in March 2010.


Specification for Mercedes Benz Star Compact4


RS232/485 interface in Mercedes Benz Star C4 helps you to connect the device with touch screens or the normal screen. The voltage consumption used by the Mercedes Benz Star C4 is 12V/24V.  


The package list for Mercedes Benz Star C4


The entire package consists of 9 items. It is been listed below:-

  1. 14 Pin Connector
  2. OBD2 Cable
  3. C4 Multiplexer
  4. 16 Pin Connector
  5. 14 Pin Cable
  6. 4 Pin Cable
  7. Hard Disk Drive
  8. Communication Cable
  9. 38 Pin Cable


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Languages Supported


The supported languages are English, French, German, Finnish, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovenian and Norwegian.


System Requirements


It is an aftermarket tool and comes with external HDD and the software is pre-installed in the device.  You can connect hook up the device to a computer running on Windows XP and start diagnosing your vehicle without even driving it to a workshop. You should avoid the usage of other sources of external power like start booster, jump leads when the tester is attached to the diagnostic socket as it will damage the multiplexer (The Main Unit of Star Diagnostic).


Check out this link for the instructions on how to use this device: