A diagnostic tool from a manufacturer helps both the layman and technician to quickly spot and correct errors which may have cropped up in the car over time. The diagnostic tool is connected to the on board computer of the vehicle through a cable to the on board diagnostics (OBD) port.


The Citroen is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies under the Peugeot Citroen Group. The company launched its diagnostic tool, the PP2000 which has shown compatibility with most  Peugeot cars except for Peugeot 307 and also separately with the Lexia 3 diagnostic tool which is compatible with most Citroen cars except for perhaps the C5.


The diagnostic tool cannot however perform its function alone. They are usually connected to a laptop or another data processing device through a cable. The connector in this case is the now standard OBD II connector which is located near the steering wheel of the vehicle. Some diagnostic tools can also be connected through connectors that are specific to manufacturers. The pp2000 can do almost all the functions similar to the original dealer diagnostics tool unlike a few other diagnostic tools. The PP2000 thus requires a specialized cable connector to communicate with the vehicle and device.


The 30 PIN female cables for Citroen Diagnostic Tool multi functional car diagnostic cable and connector are made specifically for Citroen and Peugeot cars. The cable of course is something that is prone to damage and it is indeed lucky that the manufacturers are offering to sell the cable alone at a considerably cheap rate than insisting the user onto buying the whole unit. One has to be careful however as the PP2000 and lexia 3 require different connector heads for their interfacing - rectangle and round respectively.


The cable is quite sturdy; not easy to be damaged under stress. The connector connects the OBD port of the vehicle with the device that conducts the test. The cable runs on 12W of power that it derives from the vehicle. It is also the cable that powers up the processing device and hence, if there is no or low power routed to the device, the cable maybe the culprit.


The entire working of the device depends upon the proper communication between the vehicle and the processing device and hence, this cable is of utmost importance. The connector head is pretty large than those which you would find on other tools and is nearly 75 centimeters long.