Note: Install the New Porsche PIWIS Cable software before plugging in the USB hardware

These instructions cover Windows XP Service Pack 2. Other versions of windows are similar but may vary slightly.


1. Run the setup program and follow the instructions.

2.  If you do not have Microsoft .Net framework installed a copy is on the CD: “dotnetfx.exe”

3.  Once Porsche PIWIS Cable software has been installed, plug in the Durametric diagnostic adapter

4. If you are using Windows XP (SP2) you will see the following screen

porsche piwis cable installation instructions

porsche piwis cable installation instructions


5. Choose ”Not at this time” then click “Next”

6. Choose “Install from a list or a specific location” then click “Next”

porsche piwis cable installation instructions


Porsche Piwis CableInstallationInstructions


7. Select search for the best driver in these locations and check the box “Include this location in the search”. Uncheck “Search removable media”

8. Click Browse and select the install directory (usually “C:\Program Files\Durametric”)

9. Click “OK” then “Next”, and you will see the files installing

10. Choose “Continue Anyway”

11. Click “Finish”

12.  Plug PIWIS Cable into the car

13.  Make sure the Key is turned to the ON position (the car does not need to be running)

14. There should now be a green light on the adapter

15. The PIWIS Cable program is now ready to use