If you lost all your keys, the first problem you may got is how to open the car door.

To open the car door, please view this video:


1.Get the key information

The most important key information is the Chip Model(like 4D67) and remote control frequency(like 315MHZ).

Once you get access to your car, you can use key programmer to connect with your car and get the detailed key information.

If you do not have a key programmer, you may also find the key information at the key manual or ask the car dealer for them.

For some popular vehicles, we usually know what kind of key is compatible. But for some not popular ones, you'd better make it clear.


2. Tell us the key information and buy a new key

We will tell you which key is compatible with your car as to your key information, then you can buy it.


3. Find a locksmith to cut it

Because you do not have any key, you may need to find a professional car locksmith to do it because they know the original key code as to your can model.


4. Programm the key(the remote and transponder chip)

Of course you can still go to the dealer to do it. But since you can not start your car, you may need a towing car service. This is troublesome and the dealer service is expensive.

So you'd better do it your self. Buy a key programmer such as sbb key programmer to do it.