Autoboss V30 Mini Printer is a tool that is attached to the diagnostic scanner which is used for detecting the errors of the vehicles. Instead of the display screens, this mini printer is attached to the diagnostic scanners and it generates the output. Like the other diagnostic scanners that are available in the markets today, this device also detects errors. The only difference is that, instead of displaying the error codes on a laptop or a display screen, this device prints it out. The error code that has been printed out by the equipment is then checked and the necessary enhancements are made in the vehicles.


Its specifications

The efficiency as well as the wellness of the vehicle can be tested with the help of the diagnostic scanner. This is a very handy device. It comes with a leather pouch for easing out its operation as well as its handling, further more. The gross weight of the printer is about 3 kilograms. The dimension of this mini printer is 25 cm *20 cm * 10 cm. With the help of the Autoboss V30 Mini Printer, the users can very easily cut short on the expenses of a mechanic. The interface present in this type of diagnostic scanners are extremely user friendly.  Therefore all the individuals can operate this device with ease.


How to install

To assist them in understanding the functioning as well as the installation process as a whole, the product is accompanied by a CD. It contains the steps that have to be followed during the testing as well as the installing stage. This CD also helps the users to correctly understand the error codes. This device comes in an extended range of prices. In addition to the savings in terms of money, the users of this diagnostic scanner can also save in terms of their time. The diagnosing process with the assistance of this device is a real quick one. The defects get detected once the codes are printed out by the Autoboss V30 Mini Printer. The best thing about the mini printer is that, the users can examine the status of their vehicle before as well as after the tests have been conducted with the help of the printed out error codes.

Two printer paper rolls are given along with the Autoboss V30 Mini Printer as a compliment. This can be made use of during the testing time. In addition, it is also accompanied by a user’s manual.