Mb Star C3 Pro is a device that is used for the purpose of diagnosing the vehicles and correcting the defects related to it. It comes with 7 cables and it is compatible with all computers. It is generally used for the purpose of diagnosing Benz trucks as well as cars. It is found to be performing all the functions that are ideally performed by the BENZ Star 2000. For instance, the Mb tar C3 Pro performs the function of reading out the trouble codes as well as erasing it. In addition, this diagnostic tool also reads the real time information and it does much more.


This diagnostic equipment makes use of the most recent central gateway methods of the 221/221 as well as the 203, a Mercedes Benz’s control arms. This device is extremely compatible with all of the cars that have hit the markets under the brand name Mercedes-Benz. They are the manufacturers of automobiles, coaches, buses as well as trucks. The diagnostic tool that comes with seven cables absolutely fits the IBM T30 laptop. As a matter of fact, it is only fully functional on this model. This particular diagnostic device has the capacity of diagnosing the cars manufactured by them ever since 1989.


Basic functions

This equipment is a fully electric system and therefore it does not make use of any flash codes while diagnosing. It ideally reads the trouble codes as well as erases it during the time the scanner does the diagnosing process. The software that is being used by the device is the latest, which is 11/2010. Its cable which extends up to 7 meters gives convenience which is similar to one in the garage. The Mb Star C3 Pro has a self testing function which enables the users to get the exact figures in no time.