In the world of automobiles, the company Nissan has created a little space for itself for being one of the oldest industries in the business of manufacturing top quality vehicles. In the modern era, when the whole world is moving towards digitization and convenience of the customer centric model of service, the Nissan Company isn’t very far behind. The company has developed its own handheld diagnostic tester, the Consult 3. The consult port is completely specific to Nissan. The device has been designed to enable speedy and accurate display of results of the vehicle. The consult port is located near the hood release handle.


The accuracy and speed of diagnosis has, over the years become difficult to achieve with the ever increasing usage of sophisticated electronic hardware. Diagnosis has increased manifold with the introduction of CAN into the new age vehicles. The Consult 3 is therefore, develop do address these issues and perform its function of trouble shooting in a manner that can be easily understood and providing accurate diagnosis and reducing the service time of vehicles.


The main unit- a durable and rugged laptop, the vehicle communication interface and measurement interface are wireless and communicate with the PC through Bluetooth. The dealership is also connected via wireless LAN to your computer making it easier for them and you to receive correct information.


Automated operations- swift diagnosis and repairs

The device automatically scans for CAN type allowing 17times more speed than the previous one, onsult2. Identification of malfunctions too is detected well in advance. Repairs that involve reprogramming can be conducted much faster too on the Consult 3 than on its previous version.


Diagnosis and its report is instant and automatic, leaving very little to the technician to choose from.


Wireless technology

Wireless technology allows for the examination of the vehicle from the interior as well as from the exterior of the vehicle. Dealers and service technicians are given real time data.


Multiple defects diagnosis

The tool comes with various modes of function including self diagnosis of entire vehicle and monitoring systems based on oscilloscope capability and data recorder.


The standard consult 3 kit comes with a Panasonic Toughbook laptop (Pentium processor of 1.2 GHz with 120GB hard disk and 512 MB RAM and built in Bluetooth for wireless communication). The software updates automatically through the internet or through the updated DVD disk that maybe purchased from a dealer.