The Chrysler StarScan is a light weight diagnostic product from DaimlerChrysler Corporation that detects and handles errors in all CAN- equipped vehicles. The arrival of this tool has set a new standard for scan tools in the automotive industry.

A task performed regularly by the technician is given the highest visibility through the screen of this device to make the task easier to perform. The display offered by StarScan is much bigger than its predecessor DRB III. This new device offers better visuals such as images and graphs in colors.

The navigation tool on the StarScan is based on both keypad and touch screen controls. One can use either one of the controls according to their preferences. Passwords or vehicle identification numbers are however entered through the virtual keyboard. To access special characters in this keypad, one has to press the SHIFT KEY.  Moreover, the touch screen can be calibrated for better performance. Contrast controls allow the user to read the screen even in bright light. The tool derives its power from the vehicle through an external connection. The device is also powered through its internal battery, a lithium ion battery that prevents the device from shutting down, when not operated. The battery attached to this device starts charging up as soon as it’s plugged into the vehicle.

The StarScan takes a while to boot up. This is because of the various processes that it has to run before offering an interface to the user to communicate with the vehicle. Internet can be accessed through the device to update its software, whenever required. The device can be instructed to recover its previous settings in case of emergency by reinstalling the StarScan program from the CD supplied by the dealers. The tool contains an SD slot for generic memory cards.

Even accidentally touching the large glass touch screen with brake oil, the screen remains unaffected. All you need to do is, clean it with a dust-free cloth. The device also comes with a printer interface to print results and screen shots. Further ports such as the USB connector allow you to connect flash memory drives, mouse and keyboard.

The body of the device comes with Velcro handles covered with plastic glove to offer easy and careful grip. The device also possesses a technical advisory feature that pops up to help the first time users to get acquainted with the system. In addition to this, there are wizard based tasks that aid in completing routine functions or tasks involved in VEHICLE PREPARATION.

Overall, this very effective and user-friendly device can help detect and correct errors in the vehicle quickly. It is a bit pricey, but considering its ease of operation, probably it worth.