The CarBrain C168 Scanner is yet another brainy tool that can be used to diagnose your car in a quick and easy manner. Its compact size, quick response and excellent performance make it an inevitable component for every car diagnoses and repair. One of the things about the CarBrain C168 Scanner is that it can be used on almost all equipment that runs on the Windows operating system. Moreover, the device uplifts the compatibility between automobile examination and vehicle maintenances equipments. 


CarBrain C168 Scanner offers wireless connectivity and can be updated through emails. Making use of the Bluetooth technology, this device also has the capability of maintaining records and analyzing the same in an efficient manner. It has been found that the CarBrain C168 Scanner works perfectly on a variety of vehicles falling under the brand name Mercedes Benz, Skoda, Fiat, Volvo, VW/Audi, BMW, Renault, Ford and much more. The device also comes equipped with a CAN adapter which can be used to test an auto-model with CANBUS.

 The data streaming is often displayed on this equipment in a waveform. Using the CarBrain C168 Scanner, you can perform various tasks like reading, erasing and editing DTC codes, analyzing data stream tests on the engines, airbags, ABS, AT and others.


Specifications of the CarBrain C168 Scanner include a ATMEL chipset that runs on Windows operating system; dimensions of the COMBOX is 12*8*2.5 cm and that of the RF Box is 6*5*2.5 cm; the entire package has a dimension of 40*34*14 cm. The equipment weighs 4500 gm and come with two testing ports:  Testing Port 1 is for Bluetooth and Testing Port 2 for diagnostic cable.


The CarBrain C168 Scanner is indeed one of those truly remarkable equipments that can be used to identify, analyze and diagnose almost any sort of issue that is bothering your car. So finally, you can say goodbye to the overlarge bills that you usually get at the car repair station for every trifling issue with your car. Moreover, if you were actually planning on getting yourself a self diagnose tool for your car, then this is definitely your golden opportunity! At present, the prices have come down significantly and have touched the lowest point it has in months. So make use of this opportunity to grab your piece of CarBrain C168 Scanner as soon as you can before the prices go back up again.