BMW INPA V502 car scanner diagnostic tool designed specifically for BMW vehicles. The program used to drive the device can be run on Windows XP. Once, your computer is up and running, you can install the INPA program to start using the scanner. The INPA or interpreter for test procedures is a diagnostic interpreter program which helps you to communicate with the car using the information protocol called EDIABAS. The INPA is made up of numerous components and is supported by the DLLs like EDIABAS, label managers and localization DLL for multiple languages.

The structure of INPA can be ripped into two parts, the compiler that compile the data and objects in the INPA file and the run time system that interprets and accesses the generated data and objects. The software for INPA is executed in different levels. The Windows user interface can be considered to be the first layer as it facilitates input to the application and helps the application to display the output. This layer is also responsible to further passed on the information to the other layers.


The functions of the BMW INPA V502 include reading and clearing error memory and uploading and downloading flash data. It also enables you to read the measurement value and control the input and the output. The calibration and coding of ECU variables as well as Controller Area Network (CAN) bus mode emulation is also possible with the help of INPA. They serve as both on-board and off-board integrated solutions. The typical applications for INPA include the rework programs for identifying a single control module. Test procedures or fast tests which are subjected to frequent changes are other applications of BMW INPA V502. They also perform special tasks in the ELDI procedures. They provide fast and simple configuration of GUI and support customer specific protocols. The INPA model supports various series of BMW including Mini R50 R52 R53, Rolls Royce, X series E53 E83 and Z series E85 E52.  To minimize the loading time as well as the memory requirement, the INPA system has been designed in such a way that it can be used in configurable modes. One should fully charge the battery before using the equipment and avoid charging while use.


A detailed user guide is shipped with the equipment to let the users utilize all the functions of BMW INPA V502 with ease. You can even download the user manual and the INPA program whenever required.