Certain products go beyond their intended use and become a niche player in their category and owning one of those would symbolize ones status in society. Owning a BMW automatically signifies ones position on top of the hierarchy in society. Such owners realize the importance of car care and only then can they flaunt it in style. The company, BMW has realized that the owner of the car wouldn’t like to take his vehicle to the maintenance man every time it suffers a fault or be cheated with false claims of maintenance work. In this regard, the company has released its own set of diagnostic tools for owners to diagnose the problems themselves. Amongst the many versions of tools, the BMW has released the GT1 DIS V57 SSS V39 that is compatible with all computers.


The diagnostic tool tests and diagnoses BMW car series manufactured before 2005. The test covers the examinations of BMW systems. This tool can also perform functions like ECU programming and coding. The device has to be connected to a Pentium based PC that runs on Windows operating system. It communicates through a communication interface which also executes measuring functions.


The aspect that sets apart the present diagnostic tool from the other tools is the efficiency of the Electronic Control Unit programming and configuration. If one were to encounter software malfunction in the ECU, it would have to be replaced in its entirety from an authorized dealer of BMW parts. The GT1 however, is the only tool in its class to offer the chance to reprogram any BMW car’s ECU to fix glitches in software. It even allows the installation of a refreshed ECU to repaired vehicles. This is the only system that provides all the diagnostics as well as programming tools for the latest BMWs launched in 2012.


The Gt1 kit comes with five essential systems: measuring system, diagnosis system, .DIS system, TIS system and management system. The GT1 provides data as and when testing is executed.


Some of its functions are to read and clear fault codes, activate state and supply information on maintenance data. The device also provides component location and wiring diagrams of the car.


This product is sold through retail as well as online stores. You can surf through the Internet to find out more about the product and place orders online to get this masterpiece delivered at your door step.