AUTOCOM CDP Pro for Car Technical Service, what 's the like of AUTOCOM CDP Pro for Car internal circuit Board? please check the details at the description.
Lots of customer encounter 'NO VCI FOUND' error when using AUTOCOM CDP, here is resolution:

1. The most important thing is before active and after active, you must disconnect internet.
2. Delete folder with all files in it: "c:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Autocom
3. Start Main.exe, reactivate software and you're done!

If still have same error, please change computer, reinstall software and reactive again.

In the following pictures, Autocom CDP Pro cars(item no:SP79-A) internal circuit board is at the right place.

There are several versions of AUTOCOM CDP PRO in the market, then how to dentify which on is better and which one is poorer?
The best quality AUTOCOM CDP Pro is with New Capacitor (as the picture shows at the left place);
the poorer quality CDP Pro is with Old Capacitor(as the picture shows at the right place)