Maintaining your car in good working condition is indeed an exhausting task. No matter how painstakingly you take care of your car, you are inevitably bound to bump into an issue at some point of time. Well, taking care of your car is one thing; but you wouldn’t even want to think about the size of the bills that you’d be getting once you have taken your car to a repair shop. Everything has become so expensive these days that even checking your vehicle for any issue might cost you a huge amount of money. Fortunately, the new Autocom CDP Pro Compact Diagnostic Partner Pro comes to your assistance at this point.


The Autocom CDP Pro Compact Diagnostic Partner Pro is a powerful diagnostic tool using which you can sort out many issues pertaining to your car. This diagnostic tool is entirely PC based; equipped with enhanced functionality, it helps in reading and removing diagnostic fault codes, activation of components, real-time data, adjustments and such in a most easy and effective manner. Moreover, the Autocom CDP Pro Compact Diagnostic Partner Pro supports the 16 pole diagnostic socket and is known to handle all known communication standards for car diagnostics.

One of the things about CDP Pro is that, it has a wider OBD2 generic as well as manufacturer specific coverage of all major European cars like BMW, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, etc. It also has a very good coverage of North American and Japanese cars as well. In case you require tools for the much older pre-OBD2 cars, you can avail of the specific OBD1 cables that are specifically designed for cars as such.


Another benefit of the Autocom CDP Pro Compact Diagnostic Partner Pro is that its database is translated into several different languages and updated quite frequently. So, you’ll have no difficulty at all with getting used to the new diagnostic kit. The software is quite user-friendly and intuitive and will greatly help with passenger cars as well as heavy commercial vehicles. The installation procedures can be carried out very quickly and in an easy manner. Moreover, the CDP Pro comes with exceptional programming capabilities such as keys, injectors and remote controls. Not to mention that it is equipped with a unique multiplex technology, which helps in minimizing the need for extra cables.


So go ahead and get your choice of Autocom CDP Pro Compact Diagnostic Partner Pro right now and start saving on your money from today!