The Auto-Charge voltage stabilizer is a specially manufactured electronic device that enhances the vehicle’s performance and life-span. Most of the problems that occur in a car nowadays are due to unbalanced voltage supply. If these faults are not rectified immediately, your car may encounter serious issues in long run. The electrical systems installed in the cars are interconnected with each other and these electrical circuits have to be working in perfect conditions to deliver a smooth drive. Here comes the role of Auto-Charge voltage stabilizer.

The idea of Auto-Charge voltage stabilizer was originated from Japan. This technology helps you gain the best out of your vehicle. It is very easy to install. You just need to connect the plug of this device to the cigarette-lighter socket of the vehicle and you are ready to go.

Functions of Auto Charge Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver


  1. Helps in improving the better acceleration response and engine power
  2. Saves fuel up to a great extend
  3. Powering up the engine and gaining faster throttle response.
  4. Helps in reducing the car CPU noise signals, improving the electronic efficiency and CPU reaction time.
  5. It maximizes the ignition efficiency which in turn makes the engine start easier.
  6. Prolongs the life-span of the engine and other electrical devices.
  7. It can be universally used for all motorcycles and cars.
  8. It is very easy to install and it is the very first choice for lady drivers.
  9. For the betterment of product safety, this product comes with double fuse protection.
  10. Helps in attaining faster RPM response and gives powerful acceleration even when the car’s AC is turned on.
  11. With the help of built-in noise filter, the noise can be reduced and the sound system performance can be improved.
  12. Helps in attaining smoother gear shift on automatic vehicles.

Specification and functions of Auto-Charge Voltage Stabilizer


The Auto-Charge Voltage Stabilizer consists of three systems known as: Battery Doctor System, Voltage, Interference Reducer System and Stabilizer System. The Auto-Charge Voltage Stabilizer optimizes all the electronic devices present in the vehicle and saves the fuel. The Voltage Stabilizer System maintains a stable voltage throughout the electronic devices and circuits of the vehicle. The Battery Doctor System is a new technology that helps the vehicle owners to check the battery operating voltage without opening the hood of the vehicle. The IRS (Interference Reducer System) helps you to reduce the noise interferences in the vehicle by eliminating electrical signals that are unwanted. IRS helps in filtering all the noise signals and offers a condition for low-noise signal operation that allows more accurate signal transfers between the reflector and actuator for attaining the best car performance.