If you’re tired of paying the mechanic for every trifling diagnostic work on your car, then here’s some good news for you. The new TOYOTA TIS CABLE is here to help. This diagnostic cable supports Toyota TIS diagnostic software works fine with almost all latest models of BWM vehicles with OBDII, DLC3 diagnostics. Now, get ready to access and interact with your car’s in-built computer and avoid the hassles of taking your car to the garage every time you run into some annoying issue.


The TOYOTA TIS CABLE enables you to connect your car directly to your PC, and with the help of the Toyota TIS OEM diagnostic software, you will be able to access data from your vehicle right onto your laptop screen. The good thing here is that you will be able to find your car’s diagnostic trouble codes or DTCs and see their full definitions along with the type of problem and its origin. So that spares you the time and effort of looking up the code’s meaning as well.

Getting started with this diagnostic cable is quite easy; you don’t have to be an expert for this. Its Plug and Play! So you don’t have to go for additional batteries, cables, connectors or anything! Just get yourself inside your car along with your computer and the TOYOTA TIS CABLE. Plug one end of your diagnostic cable into the DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector) of your car and the other end to your computer, probably a laptop. The connector is located near the driver’s seat. So you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it. Once that is done, connect the other end of the cable into the PC’s USB port. When asked, install your Toyota TIS OEM diagnostic software and there you have it- you’re all set to diagnose your car at your own! Nowadays, even experienced technicians use this cable to diagnose the problems with ease.

TOYOTA TIS CABLE is indeed the best way to interact with your car and resolve its issues. You’re definitely going to love this product if you’re among those few people who are actually concerned about their car’s performance and safety. Moreover, if you were already planning to get yourself a TOYOTA TIS CABLE, then this is your chance to buy one at a reasonable price! So, don’t delay; get hold of a TOYOTA TIS CABLE and cut short your car repair costs from today!