Vehicle Integrated Diagnostic Platform for HONDA Full Version is a type of device that supports two functions at the same time. That is, this equipment is a dual functioning device that essentially checks vehicles that are manufactured by Honda as well as Acura. This device is helpful in diagnosing the problems that are associated with vehicles that have been manufactured by Honda and Acura, during 1992 and 2010. This device facilitates the functions of key programming and lets you carry out diagnosis processes. Like the prior versions, you do not have to enter a password to start the diagnosis. The device automatically calculates the password and enters into the IMMO systems.


Services rendered

This device allows the clients to access the temporary as well as permanent codes that relates to the troubles. These trouble codes are nothing but what is being called as DTCs. During the examination process, the device collects all the DTCs generated by the internal systems of the vehicle and displays the errors on the computer screen. The snapshot function included in the device captures the relative data to ease the troubleshooting procedures. This data is then depicted in a pictorial format, which is in the form of values as well as graphs and bar diagrams. In other words, this device brings the health status of your vehicle on your computer screen.


During diagnosing

During the process of diagnosing, the ‘Vehicle Integrated Diagnostic Platform for HONDA’ performs tests on each and every single part of the wagon to scrutinize the issues. Even the least important aspects like the movement of the window as well as lighting system of your vehicle are looked into during the diagnosis. This device also checks whether the constituents of the engine are in place as well as in good condition. The most important of all, this device keeps a close check on the proper functioning of the immobilizer or the theft guard system. Hence, it protects the vehicle from theft.



Apart from the device, the package include a USB cable, an OBD2 cable and lastly a user manual CD. The techniques of correctly utilizing this product are explained in the user manual burned in the CD. It consists of the possible guidelines as well as safety measures.


The results of the diagnosis conducted by device can be viewed on a PC or a laptop. The clients are expected to have a Windows XP professional on the computer to utilize all the functionalities of the device.