Profi WIFI OBD2 CarBrain C168 Scanner is a wireless diagnostic scanner which is used for conducting tests on your wagons as well as checking the maintenance tools. This device effectively identifies the problems that are faced by the wagon. This is a diagnostic scanner that comes in handy for all the wagons that have been manufactured after the year 1996. This particular device is an easy to use scanner that delivers an exceptional performance. This device makes use of an ATMEL chip which is the industry best microcontroller. It has been designed in such a manner that it is highly flexible. This enhances the total performance of the wireless scanner.


Ease of handling

This device comes in a very compact size which makes it a very handy diagnostic scanner. Moreover, the responses that are let out by the device are too quick. This makes it an efficient as well as a fast device. Profi WIFI OBD2 CarBrain C168 Scanner can be operated with the assistance of a Windows Operating System. This makes it user-friendly too. The software which is used by this device to function can easily be updated online. This adds on to it being user-friendly. The best part of the deal is that this device can scan any wagon that has been manufactured after the 90’s.


Dimensions and other details

The total weight of the device is recorded at 4500 grams. Its dimensions are as follows: the combox is 12CM *8CM *2.5CM and the RF box is 6CM *5CM * 2.5CM. This device can be very effectively used in conducting tests in a whole array of cars which include BMW, Seat, Landrover, Renault, Volvo, Opel, Ford, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Fiat and many more. CANBUS, the CAN adapter helps with efficiently checking the vehicles.


The testing process

This device Profi WIFI OBD2 CarBrain C168 Scanner can very easily be connected to a PC. After it is connected successfully, the owners of the wagons can conduct tests as well as see the results on their computer screen at the very next moment. This device essentially performs the functions of reading the DTC codes as well as erasing it.


It is a general observation that these devices get attached to the wagons without difficulties. It then analyses the vehicle as a whole and informs the user if any faults have occurred. Therefore, it is advised that every car owner must possess their personal set of diagnostic scanner. These are being recommended to the new car owners by the already existing customers of the diagnostic scanner.