The new Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface detects the engine problems of your car and displays a detailed report on your computer screen. The Nissan models such as the Maxima, 300ZX, Z32, S13, 240SX; S14, Skyline, SR20DE, RB20, SR20DET, Altima and Fairlady can make use of this product. With the help of a computer, you can diagnose and fix the setbacks of your car engines at your own. It tallies with all Nissan models that come with a 14 pin consult port. In other words, it supports the models released between the years, 1989 to 2000. The Diagnostic Interface connects to your computer via RS232 cable. The Diagnostic Interface drives power from the car battery and therefore there is no need for an extra battery. It is materialized with LED lights that indicate status of power and clock functions. Due to its rough use, it is presented with rough and robust casing.


The functions:

The Diagnostic Interface helps you to scrutinize and record concurrent issues that act as a nuisance in the cars. It also enables you to schedule an automatic check on the engine and clear the trouble before the issues turn out to be serious. The Interface runs a power stability test and adjusts the time settings too. This device can be used to reset codes and control the air-valves. It also controls the cooling effect of the AC, the fans and the timing of diverse actions. Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface initiates the troubleshooting of the car components that are supervised electronically.


The RS232 cable, shareware software CD along with the Diagnostic Interface device would be a complete tool kit for your car. The commercial version of Consult is the most recommended software for the device. You can even opt for other compatible software like DDL-reader v.16c, Z-Control, Scan Tech Nissan, ZC Setup v.2.0, Nissan Data Scan v.1.4, Z-Talk v.1.1, SR-Talk v.1.0, Nissan Data Scan etc. These programs are available for download on internet. These programs act like mediators between your car and your computer. These applications extract the data from your car and displays at your computer screen in a user-friendly manner to let you opt for the best troubleshooting procedure.


To perform the functions with Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface, you do not have to keep your car’s engine started. You just need to keep the ignition turned on and the engine can be turned off. The Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface is designed in such a way that its operations are easy to understand and are user-friendly. Any common man can use this product with ease.