VOLVO VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool is an equipment which is used to make communications with the vehicles. It is generally used along with VIDA all-in-one. Once the communication with the vehicle is made successfully, it becomes easy to conduct the diagnosis as well as correct the errors associated with the functioning of the vehicles. A successful communication also enables the user to identify the software requirements of the device and act accordingly. The latest version of this product that has hit the consumer markets is a 2011 model.  The suppliers are providing free shipping for this particular diagnostic tool in order to promote it worldwide.


The main lead

The prime part in this diagnostic tool is played by DiCE, which expands to Diagnostic Communication Equipment. It is this tool that is clubbed with VIDA all-in-one for achieving the prime goal of communicating with the vehicle in an extremely successful manner. The process thereafter is made easy once the communication is done well. The integrated CARB cable that forms a part of DiCE plays the role of connecting the device to the socket of the vehicle to be examined. The device works efficiently until the time the battery is working. This equipment comes in with an inbuilt hook that can be folded. This helps the users to hang this device.


For further enhancing the performance of this diagnostic equipment, it is accompanied by 4 LEDs which displays the current status of the USB, software and interface to the car as well as the Bluetooth. Towards the end of the equipment there is a DC input port. With the assistance of this port, an adaptor which has the capacity of 12V can be attached. It is this adaptor which is then used for the purpose of upgrading the DiCE.

What it contains

 VOLVO VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool is accompanied by various items which are necessary for the perfect functioning of the device. This is inclusive of a DiCE device which comes with an OBD2 cable, angled cable and lastly an installation DVD which acts as the guide throughout the entire process. The installation DVD is accompanied by the latest English version of VIDA (VIDA 2011). The following system requirements have to be fulfilled in order to ensure the success of the device in analyzing as well as solving the issues pertaining to the vehicle. It includes Windows XP SP3 OS, Internet Explorer 8, 2GB RAM computer memory, free space up to 16GB in the ‘C’ drive etc.