TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 IT2 with Suzuki is a device that acts as a diagnostic tester for the vehicles that are brought to the markets by Toyota as well as Suzuki. This device can be used to diagnose all the cars that have been manufactured by Toyota after the year 2000. It is this diagnostic tester that is used for cars that enter the markets under the banner of Lexus. This device is the official diagnostic tester when it comes to Suzuki.


Main functions of the device


This device is manufactured carry out the reading the wrong codes, erasing the wrong codes, reading the data stream, programming the control unit etc. This device also supports the function of self testing. Self testing function that is carried out by the TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 IT2 includes the whole repairing process of your vehicle. It helps in bringing back the vehicle to the exact same condition like it used to be, before encountering an error. The engine, ABC controls, stability controls, door lock system, automatic transmission etc can be brought to perfection with the use of this intelligent tester.  This intelligent tester guards the vehicle against thefts. Owners of Toyota car as well as Suzuki cars are very pleased with the product as its stands by it words and protects the vehicle.


  Additional specifications


This device is a driven by its touch-screen which makes it easier to use for the clients. It also has a back light control. Testing with the assistance of this product enables the customers to get over with the process in an easier as well as quicker style. In order to make it further more user friendly, the companies have installed a whole array of diverse language modules in which this device can be operated. English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Greek, Russian, French, Italian, Chinese, Slovakian, Polish, Hungarian, Indonesian and Turkish are among the languages in which the services of this intelligent tester can be available by the user.



The contents of the package


TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 IT2 with Suzuki includes a mainframe, a charging line, two measuring leads for the multi-meters, two smart cards and an OBD diagnostic cable.


Diagnosing function, multi-meter function and the oscillograph function are the three essential functions that are performed by the TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 IT2.

People who have already purchased this smart device are very much satisfied with its efficiency and the demand for the product is skyrocketing day by day. Moreover, these devices do not hold big price tags.