The Autel MAXIDAS DS708 is an effective scan tool that comes in handy during quick diagnostic operations. Its excellent analytic system helps in delivering a more precise, stable, detailed and quicker inference than which is normally seen in tools of its kind.

One of the things about this amazing tool is that it automatically upgrades itself to the latest software releases, almost anywhere and at any time! Moreover, it allows direct access to the internet thereby letting you in on technical forums and OEM websites which will help you find details about the issues similar to the one you’re facing and instructions on how to resolve the same easily and effectively.


The system runs on Windows CE operating system which provides a stable platform for better performance, compatibility and expandability; needless to mention that it comes with unparalleled OBDII functionalities, supporting ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL 9 test modes. With the help of the in-built WIFI capabilities of the device, you can now roam around your house or your workshop without getting detached from the web world. What’s more- you can also avail of automatic WIFI updates along with the new software releases.

Other advantages of the Autel MAXIDAS DS708 include a Large TFT color display with touch screen facility, a tough and sturdy design with multi-layered rubber protection and strongly built casings that would last through almost all tough workshop conditions. The screen displays live data and information in text, graphical representations and analogues so that you’ll be able to analyze them easily without any sort of issues. Well, for one thing, with the help of the new touch screen interface you can navigate through live data, graphs and vehicle analysis in a far more easy and efficient manner.


 You can even record and playback data in order to pinpoint sensor and component problems. For convenient troubleshooting, the Autel MAXIDAS DS708 helps you capture, store and print screenshots of your vehicle’s components.


Powered by Autel Uni-SCAN technology, this scan tool doesn’t require any extra adaptors, batteries or keys. Well, without question, this is indeed the perfect scan tool available in the market at present. This might be your only chance if you’re actually intending the purchasing the device, as the prices have come down really low and we can’t be sure how long they’re going to stay that way. So go ahead, grab yourself one as soon as you can and enjoy the benefits!