Mb Star C3 Pro with seven cable Fit IBM T30 is a tool that is used for diagnosing the vehicle as a whole. This diagnostic tool is specially designed to check the functionality of the Mercedes Benz vehicles. Generally speaking, all the diagnostic scanners are compatible with all the PC’s; but this one in particular can only be made fully functional when plugged into an IBM T30 laptop.

Mb Star C3 Pro reads out the trouble codes that are generated as well as it also has the provision of deleting or erasing these codes. This device supports all the vehicles that have been manufactured by the company ever since 1989. It does not make use of any flash code. All the error codes are displayed with a detailed description to make the user understand what exactly has gone wrong.



In order to ease out the working as well as the handling of this product, it comes in different languages including English, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Chinese, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish etc. Therefore, the customers across the globe can make this device function in their own language. The key areas that are given due importance during the scanning process includes the engine, air-conditioning system, ABS, MPL, SRS, ASR, anti-theft system installed in the vehicle, OBD2, speed etc. The dimensions that are associated with the scanner are 34CM *23Cm * 8CM.


What to expect

The key components that are included in the package includes a multiplexer, 4 pin cable, 14 pin track cable, 7 meters long cable, adapter cable, 16 pin OBD2 cable, 38 pin cable, hard disk for DAS, EPS as well as WIS and a COM cable. The cable that measures 7 meters enables the users to stretch the connection to comfortably link with a computer.


The existing users of this product are extremely happy with the functioning of this diagnostic scanner. They are suggesting it to the ones they know. The best part of the deal is that the results that are produced at the end of the scanning process are absolutely accurate. In addition, the results are generated at a real quick rate, which is indeed, impressive.  


So, now you do not have to drive your car to a service center to fix each and every issue. You can hook up your car with a computer and find out what is bothering your car.  Do not go for advanced troubleshooting process unless you are pretty sure about what has to be done.