Mangoose Ford diagnostics and reprogramming interface is a tool which is made use of by the owners of Ford cars to check the working of their vehicles. It is the sole device in the consumer markets of today which is priced rationally. In addition to being really fast in functioning (12 mps speed), it is essentially a high performance deliverer. It is the network interface which is used by the consumers for connecting their laptops with the OBD2 connector. Due to the reason that the results of the scan will be displayed on the laptop screens, one can be sure that the results will be of utmost clarity. It is a diagnostic tool that is used by majority of the Ford users.


This equipment enables the users to keep a very close check on the performance of their vehicles. The error code that is generated at the time of the diagnosing process will enable the users to better identify those areas which needs to be taken care of. This particular scanner is perfectly compatible with the vehicles which are manufactured by companies like Ford, Mercury, Lincoln as well as Mazda vehicles. The potential users of this product are advised to check the compatibility of this device with the vehicle in possession.


This tool can be made use of for the purpose of diagnosing CAN (which is capable of ISO 15765, GMLAN, J1939, and ISO14229) as well as J1850PWM vehicles. What is best about this device is that it is extremely compatible with any vehicle that has been manufactured by different manufacturers since the 90’s. It is not only the old vehicles that can be diagnosed with the help of Mangoose Ford diagnostic and reprogramming interface, but also the new ones that have entered the consumer markets very recently.


Bus-powered by the USB is apparently the operating voltage of this diagnosing tool. The commercial range of this particular diagnosing tool ranges between 0C and +70C. This tool is 3 inches long and 1.75 inches broad. It is a tool which is compliant to J2534 as well as J2534-1. The package in which this tool is delivered to the consumers essentially contains the Mangoose Interface and a CD. This CD educates the consumers with the use of the Mangoose Ford diagnostics and reprogramming interface as well as familiarizes them with the product. It is a thorough guide to all the new users of the product as well as the potential users of this tool.