The FLY Scanner HONDA FLY108 PRO is a diagnostic tool that has been manufactured in order to check the functioning of the Honda, Jaguar, Ford, Landrover as well as the Mazda vehicles. It is the newest addition to the industry, soon after the FLY108 scanner. This device exclusively checks the vehicles that come into the markets under these brand names. It is a device that comes with the full version of the programs. This enables not only diagnosis, but it also enables programming of the device to be done. This device is fully functional and it is compatible with FLY100 as well as GNA600. This device is capable of diagnosing all the Honda, Ford as well as Mazda vehicles that have been manufactured after the year 1996.


A majority of the functions of VCM / IDS forms a part of this diagnostic device. In addition, the device is also capable of performing all the functions pertaining to GNA600, FLY100 as well as Honda HDS. What is best about this diagnostic scanner is that it supports many different languages which includes Spanish, English, German, Chinese (Both China and Taiwan), Vietnam, Russian, Poland, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, French, Swedish, Italian etc and the list goes on. If anytime the car owners wish to check whether their car is functioning properly, they can do so easily with the help of this diagnostic tool.


Technical requirements

The FLY Scanner HONDA FLY108 PRO is very much compatible with Windows XP SP2. It does not work on any other Operating Systems, not even windows 7 or Vista. For the proper functioning of this device, it is mandatory to have a free hard disk space of not less than 400MB. In addition, a high speed internet connection or a CD-ROM drive must be made available. Also, an adapter is required in order to connect the IDT to the PC or the laptop. The monitor used for displaying the results must essentially be of the dimension 1024* 768. Honda V2.021.008 and Ford and Mazda IDS R70 are the two software versions that are supported by FLY108 PRO.


The existing customers of this product are highly pleased with the efficiency of FLY Scanner HONDA FLY108 PRO diagnostic scanners and are recommending it to the others. This product is very reasonably priced when compared to the other scanners that are available in the current markets. This makes it the personal favorite of many customers.